Updated Data Provider

We've switched to a faster data provider to accelerate the connection between TPG To Go and your banks. Now you can see your account insights faster than before. 

Transitioning to Our New Data Provider

To get started, all you need to do is reconnect your cards. First, update the TPG To Go app in the iTunes App Store to make sure you have the latest version of the app running on your iPhone. 

Now you're ready to relink your cards directly. This will redirect you to a secure page that will guide you through the relinking process.

You will be directed to fix the issuers that need to be reconnected.

Enter the same bank password you use to access your online credit card issuer account.

Click the LINK CARD button next to each credit card connected to the associated credit card issuer.

Repeat this step for each card issuer. You will receive a confirmation after you've completed the reconnection process.

Bill reminders, along with APR and credit limit data, will no longer be available automatically when you re-link your cards. However, you can input your credit card’s monthly closing date, credit limit, and APR manually. Just tap the exclamation mark in the applicable fields on the Card Details screen.

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