Card Rewards and Details

Standard Card Details
Details of a card program can be found by tapping your card from the My Wallet screen. This menu screen allows you to access reward features, change reward values (if applicable - you cannot change cash back amounts, only mile and point values) and enable bonus offers of a card if applicable. You can also unlock additional options such as transaction history, maximum credit utilization and more. 
Once you connect a card to its issuer, you have access to even more reward information. The teal boxes display the difference in features of a non-linked and linked card. 

Earning free flights, gift cards, and limited or no fees on foreign transactions are some of the perks credit cards offer. From the card details page, you will see icons that indicate the amenities your card offers.

Linked Card Details

After linking a card, available features to learn more about spending habits are:

·      An evaluation of your rewards management
·      Overall account information
·      Complete transaction history

After linking a card, further options to control cards are:

·      Adjusting maximum credit utilization
·      Turning off a card a certain number of days before close
·      Other account settings

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