Customize Reward Value

We know that the value of a reward point or mile varies among different reward systems. We keep track of almost 500 point and mileage systems in our algorithms to calculate the best card for each transaction.
We understand that you may calculate or redeem rewards points differently than we do. You can customize rewards within the app to best suit your personal preferences.

To customize reward miles or points, tap on My Wallet from the Main Menu.

Choose the card for which you’d like to change the mile/point value. From the individual card screen, tap View More Details (for TPG To Go for iOS) and scroll to Options.

Tap Change Reward Value.

By default, the TPG value is displayed. You can modify it or tap on Reset to Default. Please keep in mind that changing reward values could affect which card you're recommended. You cannot change the reward percentages for cash back cards. 

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