Creating Account and Signing In and Out

You can create an account with TPG to Go through the app with a valid email address, Google account, or phone number. If you already use TPG Maximizer, you don't need to create an additional account. You will sign in with the same email address, Google account, or phone number you use when you log into TPG Maximizer. 

Create Account
Tap on Create Account from the main menu page. Begin to add your credit cards to your wallet.  

Once you’ve added your cards, create an account with your e-mail address, cell phone number, or Google account. If you created an account with your email address or phone number, we’ll send you a verification code to complete the authentication process.

You should receive the verification code right away. The verification code expires after 15 minutes. If you haven’t received it, tap on resend code. Please contact us if you have any trouble. 
Using Google Sign-In
If you want to create an account via Google Sign-In, tap on the Google logo from the New Account screen.

Next, choose the account you use with TPG To Go and give us permission. Tap on Allow, which will complete the sign-in process. 

Note:  if you choose a different Gmail address than the one you already used to create your TPG account, you’ll end up with two TPG accounts. Unless you want to create another TPG account, make sure your TPG account e-mail matches your Google account.
Signing In
Tap Sign In at the bottom of the TPG to Go welcome page.

For this log-in process, you must sign in with your existing TPG To Go e-mail account address. However, you can add your phone number to your account once you’ve signed in the first time and use your phone number as your sign-in method if you choose. 
To add your phone number to your existing TPG account, tap on Settings & Help and then Change Email or Mobile. You can also update your e-mail account here.

You will receive a verification code to the e-mail address registered to your account to confirm the process. Type in the verification code. You will then be able to input your phone number to add to your existing account.

Signing Out

Sign out by going to Settings & Help. Scroll to the bottom and tap Sign Out.


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