Create Account

Create a TPG account by clicking Start Now from the landing page.

Enter your e-mail address or phone number, which will become your TPG username. 

A verification code will be sent to you. If you do not receive it, click on Resend Code. Verification codes expire after 15 minutes. Type the verification code into the space provided, which will let you sign into your new account. 

You can also create an account with Google Sign-In by clicking on the Sign in with Google button.

Choose the Google account that you would like to use as your TPG username. 

‚ÄčNote: if you’ve already set up an account with your phone number or a non-Google email address, logging in with Google Sign-In will create an additional TPG account. 

Grant TPG and Google permission to use your information. You only need to do this during the initial account set-up.

After you've created a TPG account, add your current credit cards and answer a short quiz about your rewards preferences and spending habits.


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