Pay With This!

Receive best credit card recommendations for nearby places, online merchants, and overall category.

From the Main Menu, tap on Pay with This!

TPG To Go uses your mobile device's location services (GPS, cellular, and WiFi) to locate nearby stores. The green box indicates the current search type and location.

To further customize your search, tap the magnifying glass in the upper right corner. The red box highlights the field where you can enter a business name to search. The blue box highlights a field where you can enter a new location (city, state, zip or address, including international locations). 

More details about each merchant and the best card can by found by tapping on them in the Map or List Screen. Toggle through to see your cards in order of most to least recommended, along with reward information.

By default, we recommend the TPG Maximize Rewards card recipe. Within Settings & Help, you can specify which credit card recipe you'd like to use. Learn more about card recipes.

If there is a problem with the location or recommendation, tap the three dots in the upper right corner. 

You can select whether there's a problem with the location or the recommendation, or if you'd like to view the location on Foursquare.

Online Recommendations
Knowing which credit card to use to maximize rewards online is easy with TPG To Go. We support over 1,800 online merchants. When multiple users request an additional shopping site be added, we add it to our database. 

From Pay with This!, tap on Online. Search by the list of popular merchants or tap on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner to search for specific merchants. 

If a merchant isn't in our database, you can request for it to be added. If additional users request it, we will add it to our system.

From Pay with This!, tap on categories to see a list of best card by overall category. 

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